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API tools and software are used to develop, test, and manage APIs. They can help developers to design and implement APIs, testers to ensure that APIs are working as expected, and API managers to monitor and troubleshoot APIs in production. The best API tools and software for you will depend on your specific needs and requirements. If you are new to APIs, I recommend starting with a free and easy-to-use tool like Postman. Once you have a better understanding of APIs, you can explore other tools and software that offer more advanced features. Here are some examples of how API tools and software can be used: A developer can use Postman to design and implement a new API. Postman can be used to send and receive HTTP requests, create collections of requests, and generate documentation. A tester can use SoapUI to test the functionality and performance of a new API. SoapUI can be used to test SOAP, REST, GraphQL, and other web services. An API manager can use Apigee to deploy and manage a new API in production. Apigee provides a range of features for monitoring, troubleshooting, and scaling APIs.

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