Replicastudios: Create expressive AI voices for your projects with Replica Voice.

Replica Voice is an AI-powered voice actor platform designed for creating natural-sounding voice performances in creative projects. Key features and advantages include:

  • AI Voice Actor Library: Over 40 voices with new additions weekly, trained by talented voice actors
  • Rapid voice production: Produce voice lines and play-test development builds efficiently
  • Voice security and ethics: Ensures voices are used responsibly and ethically
  • Compatibility: Works with Unreal Engine, Replica API, Unity, Omniverse, iClone, and Roblox
  • Free voice credit: Get started with 30 minutes of free voice credit

Use cases for Replica Voice cater to various creative needs:

  • Pre-vis and pitch vis, indie creators, and innovative opportunities like real-time voice generation and dynamic scripts.
Jason Grumbles | 16 January 2024

Henry Grumbles | 14 January 2024

Raleigh Antes | 13 January 2024

Arnold Hauer | 13 January 2024

Kyle Klemp | 13 January 2024

Sean Paris | 11 January 2024

Dylan Fleishman | 04 January 2024

Brandon Schewe | 02 January 2024

Diego Mayoral | 02 January 2024

Todd Iovino | 13 December 2023

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