My Ask Ai: Create Your Own Ai Assistant Using Various Content Without Coding

  1. We Add All Of The Webpages From Your Website, Keeping It Up To Date And Adding New Pages Automatically. So Users Can Ask Any Question And Get A Verified Answer From Your Docs.
  2. Ai Can’t Answer Everything And Sometimes Customers Need A Human Touch. So We've Integrated With The Major Live Chat Providers, Like Intercom And Zendesk, So We Can Seamlessly Hand Customers Over To Your Existing Support Tools, Including Email.
  3. Instead Of Just Giving You The Conversational History — That You’ll Never Read — We Extract Recurring Issues, Questions, Bugs And Feature Requests. Then Using Ai, We Summarize And Aggregate Them So You Can Quickly Take Action.

What is My AskAI?

My AskAI allows you to create your own AI assistant (like a chatbot) that adds all of your company's documentation, reports, manuals, and other content to, to power instant answers to any question. It can be used as a chatbot embedded on your website or integrated with other apps and services.

Our feature library

  • Add all your webpages: When you get started we'll get all the webpages from your website and any sub-domains you use for help docs.
  • Fully customized: We'll automatically get your brand logo and color palette (which you can edit) to customize your AI assistant, just like magic.
  • SiteSync: We'll automatically re-sync any changes from all your web pages every week and add any new pages you've added.
  • Handoff to live chat: If the AI can't help, customers can request a person. We'll summarize of the conversation and pass them over to your live chat provider.
  • Handoff to email/link: If you don't use live chat, customer conversations can be handed off to a support email or you can provide a support page.
  • Launch on your site: With one line of code, you can add your AI assistant to your website. Either as a floating chat bubble or within a page's content.
  • Insights Dashboard: Every customer conversation is turned into a summarized insight. With similar insights grouped together to save you time.
  • Suggested fixes: When several conversations are about the same topic, we'll suggest a fix for your team and send out an email to let you know.
  • Team access: Add other team members so they can view and manage your AI conversation insights.

popular integrations

  • Website widgets - To provide answers directly on a company's website. 
  • Slack/Teams integrations - To answer questions within workplace messaging/collaboration apps.
  • Google Drive - To sync and search content already stored in Drive folders.
  • Internal documentation systems - Like connecting an AI to internal Confluence, SharePoint or Notion workspaces.
  • Customer support platforms - Integrating an AI into existing support helpdesks or ticketing tools.
  • API access - For advanced users to fully control the AI through custom workflows and apps.

Tools integration with an AI assistant

There are a few key benefits to integrating internal tools and documents with an AI assistant: 

  • Faster answers - Employees and customers can get instant answers without searching through various documents and tools. This saves significant time.
  • Centralized knowledge - All relevant information is consolidated in one place through the AI assistant, making it easy for anyone to access.
  • Always available - The AI assistant can be accessed 24/7 from any device, unlike static documentation.
  • Searchable content - Uploaded content becomes fully searchable and discoverable through natural language conversations with the AI.
  • Usage analytics - Integrations allow tracking how the AI assistant is used and which questions are most common, to further improve over time.


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Can I add my AI assistant created with My AskAI to my website? trackbes faq
Johnny flip | 19 February 2024

Can I add my AI assistant created with My AskAI to my website? Reply

My Ask Ai Question Answer
MyAskAI | 19 February 2023

Yes, My AskAI makes it easy to add your custom AI assistant to your own website, for your customers. You can embed the chat widget code directly into your pages with just a few lines of HTML. This allows visitors on your site to interact with your AI assistant and get instant answers to all their questions directly from the content you uploaded to My AskAI.

Is the AI assistant created with My AskAI able to understand questions in multiple languages? trackbes faq
Gilbert | 12 February 2024

Is the AI assistant created with My AskAI able to understand questions in multiple languages? Reply

My Ask Ai Question Answer
MyAskAI | 15 February 2023

Yes, My AskAI AI assistants can understand questions in 95 different languages. You can also add content in multiple languages, so questions can be asked to the AI in a different language than the uploaded content. This makes custom AI assistants created with My AskAI suitable for global or multilingual organizations, products, and audiences.

How do I create an AI assistant using My AskAI? trackbes faq
Marquis | 04 February 2024

How do I create an AI assistant using My AskAI? Reply

My Ask Ai Question Answer
MyAskAI | 06 February 2024

Creating an AI assistant with My AskAI is easy. You can sign up for a free account and create your first AskAI in just 2 minutes. You'll then be able to add all your relevant content and documents, and immediately start asking questions and getting answers from your uploaded content.

What is an AI assistant? trackbes faq
Leroy | 10 January 2024

What is an AI assistant? Reply

My Ask Ai Question Answer
MyAskAI | 15 January 2024

An AI assistant is an artificial intelligence system that can understand natural language conversations and questions, and provide helpful responses based on its training. MyAskAI is an AI assistant platform that allows you to build your personalized AI assistant by uploading your documents, content, manuals, etc. The AI assistant then learns from this uploaded content and can answer questions instantly based on the information provided to it.

How is My AskAI different from ChatGPT? trackbes faq
Pedro | 20 December 2023

How is My AskAI different from ChatGPT? Reply

My Ask Ai Question Answer
MyAskAI | 22 December 2023

For all the amazing things ChatGPT can do, it can't access your company's private content or data. So it can't answer the question of how your business or products actually work. With My AskAI, you get the power of ChatGPT, but with an AI assistant that knows everything about your company and its internal or external documentation.

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